So You Want a Jogging Stroller?


Much like anything else with babies, and all things babies, picking the right stroller is overwhelming.  There are so many choices, each with their own pros/cons. Depending on budget and needs,  an expensive stroller might not be necessary for everyone.  When you research jogging strollers, it’s only inevitable that the top rated ones are crazy expensive, at least to the family who lives pay check to pay check and can’t fathom spending $500+ on a stroller. Especially since we will only use them for a few years, give or take.


When it came time to add strollers to my baby registry, I did a lot of research.  I compared prices, weight, reliability, durability, other mothers views and opinions, and convenience; basically everything.  I knew if I put a $500+ stroller on my registry, no one would buy it.  And we couldn’t afford that kind of money on a stroller, regardless of how much it would be used.  I was heading into a 7 month unpaid leave.  We had to save everywhere we could.  So I narrowed my search to jogging strollers that were under $200.  My chances of getting one as a gift, at that price were a lot higher.

Enter the Graco Fast Action Click Connect Jogging stroller.  I was so excited when my BFF got it for me.  I didn’t really care what kind of stroller I got, as long as I could do what I loved with my new little love, that was all that mattered.  I loved it because it already came with everything I needed to take Clayton in his carrier as an infant.  I didn’t need to purchase any accessories, that also cost a fortune.  It folds up easily.  It weighs the same as a BOB revolution.  It was good to me.  I had no complaints.  We did a lot of running with that bad boy, including some 5k’s through hilly terrain, and  one at the boardwalk.

As Clayton grew out of the carrier, and we were able to run with him sitting forward, we started to do more and more runs together. The one and only thing that became an issue was the sun/wind.  The shield didn’t come down far enough to block the sun.  I bought a cheapo rain/wind cover at Target, and love it. That helped with the wind, but the sun was still an issue.

So why did I get a BOB? Well, simply because I am basically doing all of my runs with him now, and I wanted to get more serious about racing with him. That meant giving him the best there was, including the darn sun shield.  It also didn’t hurt that I got it for a steal of a deal. Sales on sales on discounts.  I would NEVER justify spending $500+ on a stroller.  EVER!! But $300…..okay…you got me.  But I still refuse to spend even more money on the cup holder for him and I ((it doesn’t come with any)), and the wind/rain shield.  Not when I can use my Choopie that is nicer, bigger, and cheaper, and I already have the rain shield from Target for like $7.

But okay, what is the difference between the two?  There is one big, noticeable difference and that is the way the stroller feels. It’s almost effortless.  It is a much smoother ride for Clayton and I.  It feels lighter, despite weighing the same, and my paces are faster ((but that could be because I’m getting stronger, and am a lot further into my postpartum comeback)).  So is it worth the extra, EXTRA money?  Well that depends. But for me, it was.  Would I have been fine with the Graco?  For sure.  And I still think it’s a great jogging stroller for the price. But I am glad I splurged a little for the BOB, and my hubby is too.  He noticed a huge difference. So whether you want to spend a lot of money or not, there is a stroller for you.  Depending on the needs, I would still recommend both to a mom in question .

No One Fights Alone- The Makings of a Benefit Half Marathon


About a month ago, I was contacted by a girl named Texie to share this run on my social media accounts.  I didn’t just want to post a picture and say, “Hey, please sign up for this race.”  I wanted to know more.  So I asked Texie if it wasn’t too much, or too hard to talk about, if I could know more of the background story, and if it was all right that I share more about her mother and her love of running with my posts.

She was more than gracious in the information provided, including awesome videos of her and her mom getting tattoos together.  Her smile is enough to brighten your day. Below is a quote directly from Texie herself.

My name is Texie June Petchel. My mom, Tonya Petchel, recently passed away in January at the age of 47, after an 18 month battle against liver cancer.
My mom had been running for roughly 2 years before she was diagnosed in 2015. Running meant the world to her. She never played any sports when she was younger and she wasn’t sure if she even could run. She caught the bug though and completed 9 half marathons. Running was actually what helped to discover she had cancer because she would get this terrible pain, that was much different from a normal cramp, while she would run. We believe that running helped extend her life because it got her more in touch with her body and made her go to the doctor to check things out.
Before my mom passed away, she had been chosen to be a beneficiary of Charity for Charity, a local charity in Temecula. The charity event, where they were going to reveal their big surprise to my mom, ended up being the night of her memorial. It was a very difficult day for my family and I but, there were some incredible things that came out of it.
Charity for Charity is hosting The Tonya Petchel Half Marathon on May 13th in Temecula, CA. We are so thrilled about this and know this is exactly what my mom would have wanted. We would like for this to become a huge annual event. For that to happen, there needs to be a lot of participants in order for the charity to want to keep this event going.
I am asking you to please promote my mom’s half marathon on your platform; even just an Instagram post would be incredible! It would mean the absolute world to my family and I. I know you probably get a lot of emails asking for you to promote events but, my mom is genuinely the best person I have ever met. You can ask anyone who knew her, she made anyone she spoke to feel like they were the most important person in the world. Even during her long battle with cancer, she continued to care for others before herself. She is incredible and deserves the biggest half marathon anyone has ever seen.
Click on the image to the left for an article on the event from the Temecula Valley Wish Fulfilling Organization. The idea that No One is Left Behind is so important in the running community and our world as a whole.
The FAMILY FRIENDLY event is going to be held in Temecula, California, on Saturday, May 13th.  They offer a kids 1k walk/run, a 5k and a 10k walk/run, and the half marathon. For more detailed information on the event, and to sign up, click on the image above.

I feel honored to share this event and only wish that I could participate. Please, if you live in the area, check out this event. It’s in memory of another mother runner, and benefits a good cause.  Round up your family and friends and have a good time. 🙂

Mommy & Me Pancakes

With our recent discovery of Clayton’s allergies, and his big boy status on wanting to feed himself, I was struggling to come up with allergen friendly finger foods. All the BLW things are just fine and dandy, except he ends up squishing them and turning it into one big sensory play time (whether it’s in sqaure pincher grasp form, or sticks)). And he wasn’t interested in the veggies//fruit that way anyways. Enter fun vegan, gluten free, allergen friendly pancakes.

Pictured above is mommy’s version, but the only difference is added protein powder and some almond butter drizzled on top. 💙

You really only need four ingredients to make these yummy pancakes ((oatmeal, banana 🍌, baking powder, and water)), but I’ve been getting creative and making them into lunch/dinner time pancakes too, loaded with veggies.

As you can see, they are a huge hit with this guy. I think if I let him, he’d eat these for everything, all of the time!🤗 In this picture ((above)), he is eating sweet potato based pancakes with some grated zucchini, with a side of squash and beef. 🍽

This mornings pancakes were avacado and banana. And the nice thing about them is it’s super easy to turn them into mommy pancakes by adding your favorite protein powder. My current choice is the sunshine protein from Designer Protein. Holy yum! ((If you’re interested in trying any of their products…Use code: TANYA20 for 20% off!!🤑

Okay, so recipe time. You won’t even need to print it or write it down. It’s so stinking easy. Just mix all of the ingredients below.

  • 1 1/4 cup oatmeal (blended into flour)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup mashed banana (or any other base, like sweet potato or carrot puree)
  • 1 cup of water ( I use less, because we like them thicker)

Then get creative. For our advocado//banana pancakes from this morning, I used half a banana and half an avacado and mixed it with the above. For this week’s lunch/dinner version I used a carrot/apple puree as the base and added grated zucchini.

Try it out for you and your babes, and let me know what you think, or share all of the fun versions you create.💜

Confessions of a Struggling Runner

 I want to run. To do what I always do, have always done, for the last three years of my life. Escape, flee into the shadows, run happy, run free. But this time, I’m tired of running because I have to.💜 I want to run for me, for the love of the run.

Confession, I don’t think the marathon distance is for me anymore, or at  least at this time. And I’m not even upset about it. I loved E V E R Y T H I N G about my first go around at it. I found myself ((and even wrote a blog post about that awhile ago)). I found my true strength during that training cycle, and it felt awesome. But this time, this time is so different, and at the end of my list of reasons why is a simple, “I’m just not into it.”

Now let’s not confuse that with I don’t love running anymore, because I do. But I love it for so many different reasons and so many different ways since becoming a mommy. I love the miles with my boy in tow, pushing the stroller. I love the speed workouts, and random “I feel like running” runs.💙 I just don’t love the long runs. Why? I’m not exactly sure, but it always seems like God is telling me that it’s just not my thing, or my time.

Among the crazy list of reasons why I’m not meant to be a marathon runner at this time is my son. This is by no means a jab at any other mama out there, it’s just my own selfish reason, but I want to spend my weekends and every free moment with my boy. During the week, I only get to see him for a few hours in the evening. Working again has taken its toll on me emotionally. I miss him. I miss him terribly during the day. And every time I have to spend a few hours away from him on the weekend, it rips at my heart strings. And before you say, “why don’t you run when he’s asleep, or before he wakes up?”, I do try to run during the week while he takes his evening nap. BUT I don’t have the luxury of a baby that sleeps through the night. He’s in his crib, in his own room, but no matter how many nights, weeks, months we spend sleep training, he just doesn’t do it. And it’s okay. He is unpredictable through the night, and sometimes, most times, he is up in the time frame I would have to workout in the morning. And then sleepless nights don’t go well with intense training; mentally, physically, or emotionally. Now, you might be thinking, “Then why don’t you take him with you when you run?”. I DO! And they are my favorite runs. But I also don’t want to force him to spend over an hour in the stroller, when he’s still learning to crawl and figure this world out for himself. I want him to have time to play with mommy, doing the things he loves, not being forced into a stroller. 

I also find myself missing my other loves, like yoga. I used to go to yoga and hot yoga eveey other day. Now, between momming, training, working, and everything in between, I simply don’t have enough time to do it all; running, yogaing, lifting, cycling, cross training, cooking, sleeping, hiking. Shall I keep going?😑

Postpartum running is ridiculously hard. It’s been so frustrating. I’ve made tremendous progress since being cleared, but with short runs and half marathon distances. When it comes to long runs, I struggle. It isn’t getting easier. And for some reason, it seems every long run of this training cycle something goes wrong, or something happens that causes me to get in my head and then I can’t get out. The longest I’ve gone without splitting up a run is 15 miles and that happened today. I’ve done 16, but split it into two. Between the weather, getting sick, being a mom, weekend plans, and then silly things like creepy guys on the trail, and getting lost on runs, I’ve just had enough. 

Like today for example, I planned a route and instead of uploading it to my Garmin, or using the map on Strava, I wrote the directions on a piece of paper. It worked out just fine until I reached a fork in the road, or none of the roads had street name signs. 📍And about three plus miles into my run, I got fed up with my Garmin. It was telling me my pace was 12 minutes, it didn’t matter if I sprinted or stopped, it stayed on 12. And it was messing with me mentally. So I don’t even know if I was actually three plus miles into my run. I wanted to quit. I texted my hubby in an all out annoying rage. Thankfully, he was able to walk me through trying to fix the problem. And wouldn’t you know, the stubbornness in me didn’t want to stop my watch and start it again because then I would lose the total mileage of the run. But I listened, and it seemed to help. So on I go again. But with none of the roads being labeled, I had to keep stopping to check Google maps. I was getting so frustrated with the stop and go. It’s so darn hard. But here I was in the middle of nowhere, so I had to keep going. It started raining, but forward I went. I eventually found a groove, and got out of my head for a short while before those dreaded stomach pains came. It only meant I was going to have to go to the bathroom soon. BUT WHERE? I’m in farm country. It’s all wide open fields. So I ran/walked until I found a familiar place and cut my run short to make it back to my car. No lie, I almost pooped in my pants. 💩💩💩💩 At least I got to spend some time with the cows!🐄

Anyways, I’m not giving up on marathons, or maybe even ultras in my future. And I will finish the NJ marathon in a few weeks. I’m just going to take it day by day, and get back to running because I want to, not because I have to. We shall see where training for Chicago takes me come this summer. But for now, I’m dipping my toes into the Tri life. Yup, that’s right, it’s finally happening. I’ve always been run, run, run. Then I became run, bike, run. And now, I’m excited to become swim, bike run. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for my first Sprint triathlon. It’s time to change gears up for a little and redirect my focus!🤗 Who knows, maybe I’ll get hooked into this.

Cross That Off the Bucket List- NYC Half


If I am going to be completely honest here, I thought when I entered the lottery for this race that I was actually entering the lottery for the marathon. Enter face palm here. 🙈But when I got the email that I made it, I quickly realized it was for the half. And while I was slightly disappointed, I was still super excited to run a race in NYC. EVERYONE WANTS TO RUN A RACE IN NEW YORK!!  🙌But before I can get into the good stuff….

Enter back story here….So, many of you know that I am a country girl, through and through. 🐮But for those of you that do not, let’s just say I grew up with cows in my backyard and the smell of manure was, and still is, like the best thing ever. 🐄 Why am I telling you this? Well, for you to fully understand the anxiety and fear I have with BIG cities.  [[Why would any one be afraid of cities? ]] It sounds silly.  But the fear of traveling alone, and one way roads, and traffic, and horns honking, and people filled streets, and the overall rush, rush of everything.  It’s more than overwhelming.  IT IS SCARY && causes me to have some serious anxiety.  🙊 Then you are probably asking yourself, well why do you have to travel alone?  I don’t, usually. But my hubby had to stay with the baby, and my BFF had to cancel her entry due to an injury. And there are so many others I could have, and would have traveled with, but the cards weren’t working out and everything was up in the air, and the fear of not knowing was also causing me to stress out. But God has a funny way of hearing your prayers, and last minute, a friend from church got an entry into the race. Yay for traveling buddies!🙏


EXPO! EXPO!– Well besides meeting MEB (@runmeb ) and running into Erin (@thelittlerunnergirl), the Expo was disappointing!! Where were all the vendors and fun stuff to look at?  For being a HUGE race, the expo was nothing short of picking up your packet and leaving.  Talk about a waste of a trip to the city. Luckily, I had better things to attend to, like the WeRunSocial meet-up!



Yes, we know, the flag is upside down. That’s just how we roll.🙃 Well that’s how Gregg rolls, and he’s the best thing since sliced bread, so you know, we be the cool kids!  Anyways, when you’ve been dying to meet @NYCsweat ((Gregg)) for your entire running career, and then he happens to be there when you walk through the door, you do a crazy lady happy dance and hug him without warning. That’s the amazing thing about the running community.  Even though you’ve never met in “real life”, you know there are a million people you can count on, and turn to for support about running, and life outside of running.  And when you finally put a voice, a hug, a laugh, a face to face conversation with one of those friends, it’s an experience like none other. 🤗💙 It was so much fun finally getting to meet Haley, Gregg, Anne, and Kim and learning about their lives outside of a square. And to catch up with friends you met before (Dani) is pretty awesome too! This BIG world we live in, is really quite small, and I am so, so happy to have met these awesome people.  THANK YOU Brian and WeRunSocial, and for everyone who came out, and for the running community on IG.  Gahhhhh!!



The night before the BIG race, I laid out my outfit, and contemplated pants and an extra long sleeve shirt for hours.  I packed and repacked my bag. I checked and rechecked that I had the Metro card, my bib, and the reserved parking ticket a million times. ✔ I made sure the babes and I were ready for bed by 8:00, because that 3:00 am alarm comes way too fast. And wouldn’t you know, I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP!  💤😴I tried and tried and tried. The last time I looked at the clock was like 10:00 and it was after I just fed little man.  At 12:00, that boy was up and crying again, and he thought it’d be the cool thing to do to cry until 2:15. So I got max, 2.5 hours of sleep. Talk about nerve wrecking.I thought for sure it was going to the death of me during the race.

20170319_070834Race mornings always have me a bundle of nerves.  I am so paranoid of being late, and rushing, and the unknown with parking.  I’d rather get there early and hang out than have to run to my corral.  That happened once, at the Disney Princess half. At 17 weeks preggers, I was sprinting to my corral that was two miles away! NEVER AGAIN! So i stood in line for what always seems like forever to go pee, and made it to my corral with plenty of time to spare and freeze my tushy off. Hence the old man sweatshirt and sweatpants. But hey, Lauren (@lauren_runs_here) found me and we talked about running a different race. Forget the one we are in line for, let’s talk about future  races.  But seriously, she is so awesome.  She said she would pace me for the second half of my marathon in April.  Who does that?  I know I am going to need it if I want to get that 4 hour marathon!  Okay, okay, back to the race.

The anthem was sung, the corrals were moving, and before I knew it we were running. I kept saying is this it, did we start, because we never crossed a line, but then it appeared and the watch was started. Guys, it’s only normal to take off like a clown is chasing you, and I did, but I kept remembering what everyone told me about taking it easy the first half because of the hills in Central Park. So I found myself having a continuous conversation with myself, telling myself to slow down, you’re going too fast. In hind sight, I wish I wouldn’t have listened, because I was so close to breaking the two  hour mark, but at the same time, this race was part of my marathon training plan, and going off plan wasn’t a major concern of mine.  I wanted to have fun, and have fun I did.  GUYS, I DID NOT STOP SMILING!  That has never happened at a race before.😀


Central Park was amazing! I never realized how big it was, and every time I saw a part I recognized from a movie, I would get all excited.  Like, this is real life, it does exist. Or I would think about Home Alone and Elf, and basically every Christmas movie, and who doesn’t smile about that?


But nothing in the history of running history will ever compare to the thrill of running through Time Square.  Though it was some what creepy, because it was quiet and almost dark, it was the most exhilarating, ridiculously fast paced miles I have ever run. Like where did that speed come from //a 6:54 and 7:10 mile//????. And the tears?  Why?  I don’t know why. I couldn’t even tell you if they were happy tears or sad tears, or maybe a mixture of both.  But it was overwhelming.  The crowd. The kids fun run starting and their contagious smiles. The posters from fans. The lights. The smells. I wanted pizza so badly running through Time Square.  The random bursts of cold air. The  crazy wind gusts before turning onto the west side highway. So many experiences in one small stretch. It is something everyone needs to experience.🚕


No lie, the stretch along the high way was a tad difficult mentally.  The crowd dies down, you hit a wall, your watch leads you to believe you are like a mile away from the finish, only your two miles away ((at the end of it all, my Garmin said I ran 14.2 miles in 2:03//8:43 pace)).  I should have known that wasn’t true, because I have yet to hit that pace for races postpartum and that would have meant I finished the race in 1:54, two minutes shy of my PR.  YEAH RIGHT!!  But I’m not gonna lie, it messed with me so mentally.  And the water stations….I usually wear my hydration vest, but we weren’t allowed for this race.  I’ve never been one to have to use the water stations, but I made sure to grab one at every stop, except for one. That was a whole new ball game. I choked a couple of times, because i refused to stop, but then by the end, I realized I needed to slow my roll, and I didn’t like that that affected my time. Anyways, the tunnel at the end was a tad creepy.  I got light headed when we first entered it, I am assuming because it was bright out and then almost black and windy.  But I adjusted before coming out the other end and I knew we just had to round the corner and the finish line was there. 400 meters.  I started to take off, but not too much for fear of the dry heaving debacle happening to me again.  That seems to be a common thing for me now when I hit the end of races and try to sprint, I guess I can’t keep up with myself and my body shuts down.  So in fear of that happening, I didn’t take off as hard as I could, but definitely got them legs moving. I was even able to finish the race off with an obligatory finish line jump! 🏁


Regardless of my finish time (2:03), I am so happy with this run.  I didn’t stop.  I didn’t walk.  I SMILED the ENTIRE TIME! I met new friends.  I conquered some serious fears. I high-fived kids cheering us on.  I pumped up fellow runners and told them not to quit. I ran through the streets of New York with some amazing runners.  I made memories to last a life time.

20170322_083031                                  20170319_103253

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere
It’s up to you, New York, New York!

Spring4PrAna Goodness

I don’t know if you remember back in the September when I did a review for PrAna’s fall style. BUT I was lucky enough to get a chance to review their Spring collection, too. I’ve got nothing but amazing things to say. I was in love then, and I am still head over heels in love with their stuff now. The spring collection is so versatile and fits my style to a T. 🤗 

The Lizbeth skirt pictured above is a piece you’ll want to wear EVERYDAY! It’s made from soft hemp and recycled polyester. It’s easily dressed up or down and comes in three colors. It’s also easily adapted to the cold//winter weather, because here, we got a tease of spring warmth, but now it’s back to the cold temperatures. So I actually wore this outfit with knee high socks and boots!👌

This was another way I wore the skirt out to breakfast with some friends! I love me some Chuck’s && making outfits fun with accessories and bold statements!😍

The other piece I chose was the Berry Dress. Talk about comfortable. It’s not at all what I thought it was going to feel like. It’s even better. It’s so soft and stretchy, with the perfect sinch at the waistline. It makes me feel beautiful, but oh so comfy. Like, I don’t rush home to change into my pajamas comfy.🙌 I literally live in this dress! It’s perfect for teaching, going to church, and out to eat with the family, and I find myself hanging out in it at home. It’s every Moms new best friend and must have. It will make you feel like you’re in your leggings and sweatshirt, but you actually look presentable and put together, because isn’t that the last thing we want to think about now. Between feedings, diaper changes and playing on the floor, this dress makes it work.💗

If you aren’t one to dress up, or are more into athletic wear, they have so many cute leggings and workout tops. There is something to love for everyone. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. And as a gift to you from Prana and myself, use code S4P17TCR for 15% off your purchase!!💗

Every Moms Worst Nightmare

The abundance of prayers, love, comments, and overall concern for my sweet boy are so positively overwhelming to my heart. 🤗💗I am so thankful to everyone who has reached out and offered help in different ways. Thank you, thank you. I wish I could thank you all individually.😍

Because I’ve been asked more times then I’d like to keep rewriting, I figured I’d share our scary story in a post.

Since going back to work, the new foods shenanigans has slowed down, because we only try new ones on the weekend when we are home and he is in the care of us. This morning we decided it was time to try eggs, because well, they are in everything and I have been dreading them for weeks. I knew he was going to react, I just wasn’t expecting it to be like it did. I’ll get into that later. 

Let’s see, we tried them around 7:00. I was shocked he liked them and that he didn’t get a rash around his face ((this is what has happened for so many other foods we’ve tried, almost instantly)). And I felt relieved, like phew, he didn’t react. But on our way to change his diaper for nap, he threw up. At the time I didn’t question it too much because he spits up a lot. He went down, and was only asleep for maybe 10 minutes when he woke up and there was blood on the bed. I started to panic, but saw that he had scratched his ear open. As I was cleaning his ear and trying to stop the bleeding, he had diahrea. Well man did it go downhill fast from here. Opened his diaper up to find his entire bottom, pelvis, groin, penis, all of it RED, I’m talking enflamed and hivey and oh so yucky. He was clearly uncomfortable too, because he was scratching everything, and in those few seconds it moved to his stomach and face and I knew immediately I needed to go to the ER. I put shoes on untied, literally scrambled to get him in the carseat, and grabbed his diaper bag. The car ride there felt like an eternity. We live like 10 minutes from the hospital, but it seemed like it took an hour to get there. The whole time I’m holding his hands from scratching and making sure he was still breathing. I kept praying I wouldn’t get pulled over, or that anything would happen to him. Y’all I don’t know how I did it. I have severe anxiety and I can’t believe I didn’t go into some sort of shock myself. We arrived around 8:30.

Anyways, when I got there, I ran in like a scene from a movie basically screaming someone help my baby he’s having an allegic reaction. And when I went to get him out of the carseat, his ear was so puffy I thought it was going to explode or pop off. No exaggeration!! And then I really started to panic. I’ve never seen something like it in my life. I didn’t even know our bodies could get so enflamed and swollen.The photo doesn’t even show it at its worse. 🙁

As much as it felt like he wasn’t being taken care of fast enough, the staff did an amazing job. They checked his breathing and lungs like every minute until he was given the medicine. They didn’t leave my side until my husband was able to get there and join me. They assured me that he was having a severe reaction, but that he should be okay. By 9:00, they gave him a shot of part of an epi pen, a shot of benedryl, and a steroid. I was expecting it to help him right away, just like that, but my goodness, he did not start coming down from all the redness, hives and swelling for a good two hours. And then from there he wasn’t even half way better until about four hours after.

The blotches show where he was getting better. But my poor boy was literally one big swollen, red balloon. And you didn’t even realize it until he started to come down from the mess. But through it all, he was a trooper.

By 4:00 he was mostly back to himself. He still has the rash on his back, but everywhere else seems to have gone away. We were told he could have the rash for up to a week. He has to be monitored closely for the next 48 hours, take benedryl every 6 hours, for the next 48 hours, or 24 hours after all the symptoms have gone away. And he’s on a steroid for 4 days. I have prayed and thanked the good Lord that it never affected his airway and that he seems to be okay now. 

If I wasn’t terrified about new foods before, I sure am now. But let’s be real, I’ve been scared of foods from day one. He’s reacted to blueberries, peanut butter, and yogurt too, but only ever had a slight rash around his mouth. We were told by the doctor it wasn’t an allergic reaction. I always felt otherwise. Well today was a whole new ball game, one I never want to play again. I know this road for us isn’t over, and that scares me even more, but it’s in God’s hands. He held Clayton in his arms today and protected him the best he could. I can only pray for that in the future. You never realize how scary a food allergy is until you experienced it yourself. My view of food allergies is forever changed. I hope this post sheds some light on the seriousness of food allergies and may we find a reason why it’s happening more and more often.