Friday Five Meets Currently

  I was working on my Friday Five Favorites, and then Friday was done and over with and I realized I never posted now you have FRIDAY FIVE meets CURRENTLY!! 🙂   Loving:  The Once Upon a Farm Cold-Pressed, organic, non-GMO baby Food. There slogan is "Fresh from Farm to Highchair" and it is so true.... Continue Reading →

Took A Poll: Ultra Marathoner

Over the weekend I took a poll. QUESTION: If you walk AN ENTIRE 50k, can you call yourself an Ultra Marathoner? This is something that has been boggling my mind for some time.  I think some people misunderstood the question as if you walk at all, but that is not what was meant.  This question... Continue Reading →


    When Angela (@Runlikekale) posted a fun blog about her currents, I was excited to play along.  She always has awesome, informational posts that you should all follow. It will definitely make you smile and laugh out loud. Plus, who wouldn't want to see ridiculously cute pictures of G?  🙂  So currently, I am....... Continue Reading →

The Silver Lining: NJ Half Review

The more I try to push running, the bigger it seems to backfire in my face.  I don't want people to think I am just being lazy, or giving up, or making excuses, because I'm not.  At the end of the day, I love running, but running has become a lesser importance/priority in my life.... Continue Reading →

So You Want a Jogging Stroller?

Much like anything else with babies, and all things babies, picking the right stroller is overwhelming.  There are so many choices, each with their own pros/cons. Depending on budget and needs,  an expensive stroller might not be necessary for everyone.  When you research jogging strollers, it's only inevitable that the top rated ones are crazy... Continue Reading →

Mommy & Me Pancakes

With our recent discovery of Clayton's allergies, and his big boy status on wanting to feed himself, I was struggling to come up with allergen friendly finger foods. All the BLW things are just fine and dandy, except he ends up squishing them and turning it into one big sensory play time (whether it's in... Continue Reading →

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